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Tree surgeon up a tree, on ropes.


Our Logs and Firewood For Sale

Contact us for prices and availability on firewood and logs for sale. We now have plenty of good quality seasoned firewood in stock. This is all hardwood (oak, ash, beech and cherry) which has been split and stored for a year. There is no softwood in it and all the logs are from London trees that we have felled, (a lot of firewood is now imported from Lithuania). Please order soon as it sells very quickly!

Unseasoned cordwood.Cordwood (This is unseasoned wood ready to be split and stored, still available)

1 Tonne @ £30.00 (including VAT)
2 Tonne @ £50.00 (including VAT)

Domestic fire logs for sale, available in tonnes.

Logs – Domestic Fire Size (These are good quality, seasoned hard wood logs).

NETS (one bag weighs approx 15kg)
1 Net @ £6.50 each (including VAT)
One off delivery charge @ £ 15 per delivery (minimum order = 5 nets)


Full Ton Bag  @ £75.00 (including VAT)
One off delivery charge @ £20 per delivery (not per bag!)

A split red coloured log. Tree surgeons in action in London. What happens to the wood we chop down - mulching.