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Following the advice of the government, our trade body and LB Hounslow, Complete Tree Care are continuing to trade at this difficult time. As contractors to the council we have been told that our work on Highways sites is categorised as essential since we are dealing with any safety issues and to keep the highway clear. We are also providing an Emergency Service in case of fallen trees blocking roads and footpaths. For the same reasons we are still working for our other commercial and residential clients where it is required to make safe hazardous trees or to provide emergency call out services. Please note we are not undertaking works of a non-urgent nature but can price these and obtain the necessary consents if these are required.

As council contractors we are rigorously following the COVID 19 protocols set out by the UK Government. The LB Hounslow have Risk Assessed our work and given us a set of detailed procedures to follow to ensure that our staff and members of the public are not put at risk from this disease.

Customers requiring a quotation should contact our offices which are working remotely but will be able to process any enquiries. If you can provide the following information: photographs, tree stem diameter at 1m height, location of tree and access to it, we may be able to provide a quotation without visiting the site.


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