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Following the advice of the government, our trade body and LB Hounslow, Complete Tree Care are continuing to trade at this difficult time. As contractors to the council we have been told that our work on Highways sites is categorised as essential since we are dealing with any safety issues and to keep the highway clear. We are also providing an Emergency Service in case of fallen trees blocking roads and footpaths. For the same reasons we are still working for our other commercial and residential clients where it is required to make safe hazardous trees or to provide emergency call out services. Please note we are not undertaking works of a non-urgent nature but can price these and obtain the necessary consents if these are required.

As council contractors we are rigorously following the COVID 19 protocols set out by the UK Government. The LB Hounslow have Risk Assessed our work and given us a set of detailed procedures to follow to ensure that our staff and members of the public are not put at risk from this disease.

Customers requiring a quotation should contact our offices which are working remotely but will be able to process any enquiries. If you can provide the following information: photographs, tree stem diameter at 1m height, location of tree and access to it, we may be able to provide a quotation without visiting the site.


Seasoned firewood ready now!

It certainly is the weather for a log fire or stove and I am pleased to say we have plenty of great quality firewood available. At the moment it is nearly all ash which is the best wood to burn – being naturally low in moisture and having a high calorific value. So please give us a call because at £65 per ton bag it’s the best value in London!

We are Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors!

We were delighted to receive our welcome pack from the Arboricultural Association this morning confirming we are now Approved Contractors (AAAC)! This is the highest accreditation possible in our industry and brings with it automatic qualification for CHAS (Construction Health and Safety Scheme) and Trust Mark. We were assessed not only on Health and Safety but also on the quality of our work and customer service. The assessment is very detailed and is not a desk top process, but actually involves an auditor visiting us for a whole day. They undertake detailed assessments of work undertaken as well as attending a large tree removal job using advanced rigging techniques. They inspect our machinery and equipment, our staff and just about every aspect of our business  to ensure we met not only their stringent standards, but also all relevant legislation. The AAAC scheme enables us to apply for larger contracts since in many cases it is a pre-requisite to tender for council work.

Pruning some of London largest trees!

We have been very pleased to be asked to maintain the trees for the (Duke of) Bedford Estates in central London. The Bedford Estates own a much of Bloomsbury and this includes famous garden squares (Russell, Gordon, Bloomsbury, Tavistock and Bedford) as well as large private gardens (Montague Street and Ridgmount). In the squares are some of London largest trees – towering London planes of 30m in height! We recently pruned some of these at Montague street and were so awestruck with their size that we thought we should take some photos of the view from the crown.

The contract involved detailed planning and organisation. This included gaining the consent of the Tree Officer for Camden council for the specification, then booking parking suspensions and organising two work crews to deal with the large trees as well as the high volumes of traffic.View from London Plane in Russell Square One of our tree surgeons at work, high up in a tree!

All went well on the day and we understand the client is very satisfied with the work!




Buy a 200 log bag and we will top it up to 300 logs. If you buy more than one bag we will waive the £15 delivery charge making these the cheapest logs in London. All our wood is seasoned hardwood, but we need to clear last year’s stock to make way for the wood we are now splitting for next year.