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Tree Pruning

What and why?

Tree pruning reduces the size of a tree. It is done for many different reasons, for example:Pruned Tree by Drive

  • The tree may have outgrown its space and looks untidy.
  • Part of the tree is dead or diseased and needs to be removed.
  • It can reduce the risk of disease in some tree species for example it can reduce the risk of Silver Leaf Disease in cherry trees.
  • It can reduce the shade a tree casts over your garden.
  • It can prevent electrical wires or streetlamps being obscured.


There are many methods of tree pruning that are used in different scenarios and we will pick the method most suited for your business or home. An all over trim in spring or summer can be used for smaller formal trees, especially evergreen trees such as Scots Pine. This method will need to be repeated every year or two if you want to maintain a neat look.

Pruning when dormant is a method where the side branches of a tree are removed to make the tree smaller and more pleasing to the eye. This method gives us a good opportunity to remove any damaged or diseased wood from your tree and also reduces the chance of your tree being damaged by the wind. Crown lifting removes the lower branches of the tree to allow the crown to be lifted, giving you more space under the tree to relax and enjoy the shade.

Crown thinning is a method where up to 30% of the tree crown is removed to allow more light through, as this method can ruin the appearance of the tree if done improperly we perform this service in stages to allow us to evaluate the visual changes between each stage.

Perhaps the most extreme method of pruning is pollarding where the entire crown of the tree is removed to create a smaller tree, this method is best started when the tree is still quite small and must be repeated every year to keep the tree small.

When performing any tree pruning it is important to check if the tree is protected by a tree preservation order or TPO. At Complete Tree Care, we will make sure this is taken care of for you by speaking to the council’s local tree officer.

Landscaped tree 2Why choose Complete Tree Care?

Here at Complete Tree Care we believe that it is important to call in a professional when pruning trees. When done incorrectly, it can cause much more harm than good. For example, the tree disease Coral Spot may form on branches that have been badly cut and this will likely ruin the look of the tree.

We have provided tree services to several high profile clients including recently the Duke of Bedford Estates who own famous garden squares in Bloomsbury including: Russel, Gordon, Bloomsbury, Tavistock and Bedford gardens.

Complete Tree Care has over 15 years of experience providing expert tree services throughout all of London including Richmond, Ealing and Hounslow. We are on call 24/7 for emergency call outs and with over 10 members of staff we can provide fast and responsive tree surgeon services for your home or business. Either call us on 020 8616 9051 or use the contact form on the right to get free advice and an estimate.

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