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Winter is the best time to plant trees

Tilia Tomentosa Brabant in parkland areaHere at Complete Tree Care the winter is the time when we undertake the vast majority of our planting –at least 150 large trees and many more shrubs. Planting at this time of year, when the trees are dormant, gives the highest success rates and ensures they get off to a good start the following spring.

If you are thinking of undertaking some tree planting please contact us and our manager or director (qualified to degree level in horticulture) will visit your property to give detailed advice and a fully costed quote at no cost.

We are able to undertake any size of job and by combining orders we are able to buy from our favoured supplier, James Coles Nurseries at commercial rates – representing a very significant saving over cash and carry nurseries or garden centres. We can also offer much larger trees than you would usually obtain from a garden centre, which will provide instant impact to your garden. Typically we purchase ‘standard’ sized trees which come in a 45 or 60 litre container (plant pot!) and are 2.5-3.5 metres in height!

As part of the planting process we securely stake the trees and apply a protective mulch of composted wood chips to the planting area to retain moisture and suppress weed growth the following spring.

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